Free iPhone/iPad Backgrounds

I just stumbled across this page of cute phone backgrounds while I was researching Project Life… (I totally want to buy all the things and get started!) Part of spring cleaning includes computers and devices too, ya know. Enjoy!

These are my favorites, but you can see the whole collection HERE. 🙂



Spring Wishlist

Here’s another little springtime outfit I’m lusting over… 🙂


I feel like I should also post a picture of a picnic blanket, because that’s exactly where I’d want to wear this! To a picnic. A picnic with cats.

1. Cat ears ring. (TheRogueAndTheWolf on Etsy)
2. Arrow bracelet. (Poshlocket)
3. Heart shaped aviators. (Urban Outfitters)
4. Yellow gingham dress. (Modcloth)
5. “The Cat’s Pajamas” tote. (Alphabet Bags)
6. A pretty floral jacket. (Forever21 – Love21)
7. Bunting necklace. (World Market)
8. Embroidered floral and yellow patent shoes. (Anthropologie)
9. Gold zipper pouch. (Baggu)

Have a fabulous weekend!!




This is just a few of my latest Instagrams:

A pic of the bar at our favorite brunch spot.
My new kitty print top from UO
The skyway bridge in St. Petersburg, FL
Trader Joes. Favorite.
Oyster shells from Easter
My polka dot skinny jeans (I ‘Heart’ Ronson, from JcPenney)
Pretty blue sky over Tampa
Magnetic nail polish. (How have I not tried this until now?!)
Movie snack of choice.

Have a good Monday! 🙂



Here in Florida, we don’t really get “spring.”  We have pretty much the same weather year around, give or take 25 degrees. For that reason, we sort of have to make our own springtime!

I love watching everything outside turn the spring/summer shade of green, (even if that means popping allergy pills like candy) having fresh flowers in the house, and wearing pretty pastel looks like these:

photo (74)


1. Sweet Streams Dress from Modcloth.

2. A pretty spin on a flower crown.

3. Dainty Dramatist Heel from Modcloth.

4. Minty Daisy Nails. So cute!

5. A fun, blue topaz bunny ring!

I hope wherever you are, you’re enjoying the excitement of Spring!

We’re back!

Hi there, it’s me, the long lost author of this blog. I know it’s bad netiquette to apologize for a lapse in blog posts, but I do sincerely apologize to those of you who were regular readers and wondered what the heck happened to me!

So… Here’s what happened to me. I moved. Twice in a year. It was brutal. But now its over and I’m trying my hardest to make this place our own. When we moved in, our walls were not painted all the way to the ceiling, and the parts that were painted were burgundy and gold. Florida state colors. I know, I feel your cringe. Thankfully I’ve been able to get all the walls painted a nice, neutral greyge, and it’s really beginning to shape up. Our lawn still looks like no one lives here, but we’re getting there!

I also started working with the very creative and talented owner of a little boutique in town, called The Mad Hatter General Store. It’s adorable, and I adore both the shop and its owner!  I’m not going to tell you about the store, or her right now, because she’s going to be featured in a ‘blog of the week’ post very soon. So I won’t spoil anything!

I’ll try to get caught up on what’s been going on since my disappearance over the next couple of weeks, I am also planning on moving the blog or doing something to get rid of the ads. These must be a new wordpress ‘feature’ and I am not happy with it!! *shakes tiny internet fist* In the meantime, please don’t think that anything you see in the ads has anything to do with my blog.

And now, I leave you with some pictures of my hubby and I at the Renaissance Faire this past weekend. We had a blast, as always. 🙂


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