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Free iPhone/iPad Backgrounds

I just stumbled across this page of cute phone backgrounds while I was researching Project Life… (I totally want to buy all the things and get started!) Part of spring cleaning includes computers and devices too, ya know. Enjoy! These are my favorites, but you can see the whole collection HERE. 🙂

Goals Upgrade

At the beginning of the year I set a lot of goals for myself. Things I hope to complete or at least work toward completing before the end of the year… And my desk was cluttered with index cards, and lists. This morning I was browsing the app store, and I stumbled across an app

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Instagramming – Without Instagram

Love the Instagram look for photos, but want to use the effects on bigger, better, full size pictures? Check out these Photoshop actions! Click here to download the file, or read more about the actions.

Photoshop Tutorials

Here’s a link to some great Photoshop photo effect tutorials I ran across this morning… 100 of them, in fact!     Click to go see!

Things I Love Today

Today’s post is dedicated to gadgets, books, video games and general geek-ery. Everyone likes Starbucks. Even if you think it’s overpriced or whatever your reason… there’s no denying that their stuff is really very yummy. (Plus, the red cup! *swoon*) From November 23-December 7, you can get access to what looks to me like a

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