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Pinterest Favorites: Creating DIY Statement Art

I love a big, bright focal point in a room. But unfortunately I don’t have an unlimited budget with which to buy artwork! And so, I DIY. Check out these simple DIY’s that allow you to get lots of bang for your buck… and an afternoon of your time. 🙂   1. Elephant Print –

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Pinterest Favorites: Dreams for my new place

It’s Thursday!! Do you know what that means? That means that there’s only one work-day left before a long weekend. It also means that my deadline to find a new place to live is growing ever closer. Yikes. I hate moving. Especially when it’s moving out of a place that I like very much. But

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Pinterest Favorites: Breezy Pastels

It’s hot in Florida. These pastel ice-creamy colors really caught my eye this week. Aren’t they gorgeous? 1. Pretty minty dress 2. Love these nails! 3. A button cupcake 4. A pretty swimsuit 5. Ruffly ice-cream cones 6. A cake wrapped in strawberry Pocky. Must try this. 7. I love these bed linens! So bright

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Pinterest Favorites: Summer Party Ideas

Hi there! Usually I try to pick 8 or ten ‘favorites’ for my Pinterest Favorites post. However, this time I just couldn’t narrow it down, so… I made a whole board! Click here to see my favorite yummy, colorful party ideas for summer!

Pinterest Favorities: Summer Activities

Happy Friday!! You may have noticed from reading this blog that I really, really love summer. (Even here in Florida where it’s $%@#&!* hot!) While stumbling through Pinterest… which I must admit, is a bit more of a chore now that EVERYONE IS ON PINTEREST! *ahem* 🙂 …I found these cute lists of activities. Summer Bucket

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