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Camera Apps, and iPhone Backgrounds

I love photography apps! Rarely a day goes by that I don’t mess around with at least one of them! Right now some of my favorites are, Instagram, of course, Duomatic, VSCO CAM, FX PhotoStudio, and Picfx. Here are a couple of freebie iPhone backgrounds I made using a combination of these apps. Feel free

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Featured Photoshop Tutorial: Confetti background patterns

Pugly Pixel recently featured a photoshop tutorial post on the Paper Pastries blog (one of my favorites!) In this tutorial, she shows how to add a confetti background to photos while still leaving the shadows and natural goodness that’s already there. I took a few minutes, and created a cute glittery version of a picture

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Instagramming – Without Instagram

Love the Instagram look for photos, but want to use the effects on bigger, better, full size pictures? Check out these Photoshop actions! Click here to download the file, or read more about the actions.


Happy Monday! If you’ve got an iPhone, you probably already know about Instagram. If you don’t, go to the app store and download it right now!  (I hear that it’s coming to Android, too if it hasn’t already… so don’t worry droid users, your time will come.) It’s currently my favorite photo/camera app, and it’s

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My Gallery Wall – Another Pinterest Inspired DIY

It all started when I saw this picture on Pinterest.

Then I moved into a house with a long, narrow dining room. Then we bought a jeep that had space enough to bring home lumber from Home Depot… See, it was the perfect storm for creating this wall in our dining room. We were powerless to resist. Probably a bit dramatic.

I only did two ledges for my wall… I wanted to use a few taller pieces, and didn’t think I’d have room. I spent around $40 on the materials. Most of the frames I already had, some of the new ones are thrifted, some are from a Target clearance sale, and I love how I’ll be able to change it around, and add new experiences to our family ‘gallery.’ You can find the tutorial on how to make the ledges here, and below are some pictures of my finished product!


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