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Easter Printables

This weekend is Easter! I can’t believe it’s Easter already. I say that about every holiday and yearly milestone, I realize… but seriously. Already? Anyway, to get into the spirit of things… here are some super cute free printables and decorations. Enjoy! Cute Easter cupcake wraps, and a paper bunny doll from here.   A

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Cute Easter Idea – Egg Carton Gifts

Hi! I saw this idea on Pinterest a while back, and just thought I’d share. I plan to do this for Easter this year! Inside, you put plastic eggs filled with little gifts, candy, and money. I also thought about hiding the eggs outside, wrapping up a carton for everyone, and then they’d have to

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Yummy Things For Thanksgiving

I live in Florida. Tampa, to be more specific. We pretty much have two seasons… when the gulf is warm, and when the gulf is cold. That’s about all that changes. Since I grew up with season changes, it feels a little weird to think about Thanksgiving, then Christmas being upon us… while I’m in cut off shorts and flip-flops, and planning to have dinner by the pool tonight because it’s so warm. I realize some of you up north probably hate me a little right now for saying that… 😉

Sure, I miss the snow flurries, and that first fluffy snow fall that covers everything in that pure white powder… but then I remember driving on snowy, slick roads… and scraping ice off my car windows, and ugh, that moment when you take off your boots and put your warm, sock covered foot down in a freezing cold pile of wet snow that fell off your boot when you weren’t looking… *shiver* and I realize that I should probably just stay here.

I’m off to visit family in WV this week for Thanksgiving. And I’m very excited to see everyone, and enjoy some chilly days… but I’ll be happy to come home to the beach when it’s all over. While I’m there, I’ll eat lots of my mom’s yummy cooking, snuggle up with my Mr. in our warm wooly socks, take our jeep out to the woods and get it nice and dirty… and go shopping!

Here are some recipes I’ve been saving throughout the season, maybe they’ll give you some Thanksgiving dinner inspiration. 🙂

1. Pumpkin Scones

2. Pumpkin Turkey Chili – Sounds interesting to me.

3. Pumpkin Breakfast Cakes – Can’t wait to try these with my morning coffee.

4. Pumpkin Cream-Cheese Muffins – I wonder if they’re as good as starbucks?

5. Pumpkin Whoopie Pies – Knowing that these exist makes me very happy.

6. Maple Bacon Cupcakes – I know it’s not all that… ‘Thanksgiving’ but… bacon and cupcakes.

7. Pumpkin Snickerdoodles

8. Pumpkin Spice Buttermilk Biscuits

9. Pumpkin Fudge – C’mon.

10. Pumpkin Pull-Apart Bread – I’m so trying this!

(If you don’t already know… once the links take you to Pinterest, just click on the picture, or the link above the pictures to go to the actual recipe.)

What are you making for Thanksgiving dinner this year?


Things I Love… Holiday Edition #5

Before we get to the recipes,  we must make sure you have everything you need. Am I giving you a grocery list? No. But there other things that are uber important to Christmas baking! When I was little, I used to watch “I Love Lucy” on Nick at Night. I LOVED that show, because not

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Things I Love… Holiday Edition #4

Happy Monday! Hope everyone out there in interweb-land had an amazing weekend. I braved the crazy holiday shoppers and ‘almost’ finished my Christmas shopping. It was actually kinda fun. 🙂 As promised, here are some super cute ornament ideas. Most would be very simple to create, and would look great on top of packages, on

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