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Pinterest Favorites – Things to do with paint chips

A little color to brighten up your Monday! I find myself wandering the paint aisles every time I go to a home improvement store. All the colors sort of mesmerize me, I think… and I usually end up with a few random paint chips stuffed in my bag, for future inspiration, or you know… a

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Easter Printables

This weekend is Easter! I can’t believe it’s Easter already. I say that about every holiday and yearly milestone, I realize… but seriously. Already? Anyway, to get into the spirit of things… here are some super cute free printables and decorations. Enjoy! Cute Easter cupcake wraps, and a paper bunny doll from here.   A

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DIY Sunburst Painting

Another idea inspired by something I found on Pinterest. Go figure. 😉

This one was messy, but I looooooove to paint, so it was a lot of fun for me. Keeping the cats out of the paint, and the tape, and from running across the canvas on the floor? A challenge. Finished product? Worth it!

Ready for the process pics?

I got out my paint, and grabbed a simple canvas from Michaels… it seemed way bigger in the store!

Then decide where your center point will be. I pretty much just marked mine with a pencil dot. Then just tape off your triangle with painter’s tape. I didn’t pay attention to whether or not my sections were even, I was more concerned about color than perfectly calculated angles.

I used those cheap foam brushes, I think I got 4 for $1. I’m sure nicer, prettier brushes would give you nicer brush strokes or something, but these worked! Start painting your taped off triangles or ‘beams,’ shall we? And soon you’ll have this!:

Then this:

Then this! (Tank was very impressed.)

Another shot of the finished product, sans kitteh.

I hope your weekend was phenomenal! (I try to use that word at least once per day.)


My Gallery Wall – Another Pinterest Inspired DIY

It all started when I saw this picture on Pinterest.

Then I moved into a house with a long, narrow dining room. Then we bought a jeep that had space enough to bring home lumber from Home Depot… See, it was the perfect storm for creating this wall in our dining room. We were powerless to resist. Probably a bit dramatic.

I only did two ledges for my wall… I wanted to use a few taller pieces, and didn’t think I’d have room. I spent around $40 on the materials. Most of the frames I already had, some of the new ones are thrifted, some are from a Target clearance sale, and I love how I’ll be able to change it around, and add new experiences to our family ‘gallery.’ You can find the tutorial on how to make the ledges here, and below are some pictures of my finished product!



It’s ‘curtains’ for me!

A while back, I bought this vintage sheet on Etsy with the intention of turning it into curtains for my bedroom, which is decorated in blues and browns. I was very happy with the quality of the fabric, no wear, no stains… it’s so pretty. And I was all excited to have a project to submit to Project Restyle.

The problem is… I don’t really know how to make curtains, I’ve realized… I have a sewing machine, I know how to sew in a hem and a ruffle, but that seems too boring for this sheet.

I’ve been researching Pinterest, and google for cute DIY ideas… and while I don’t think any of these are right for this particular fabric, I can definitely see myself using them for other rooms.

1. This valance is really cute. I can see it in a kids room, or any room where you could get away with a little whimsy.

2. Vintage handkerchiefs made into curtains. I. Love. This. Idea. And now I wish I’d bought all those hankies I found in that antique shop in Savannah. *sigh*

3. Ribbons! I have to try this.

4. Cheesecloth curtains with shell buttons. These would be so pretty and delicate.

5. Easy tied curtains. This would be really pretty with lacy, vintage scarves!

6. Simple Chevron Panels… These would match that cute DIY chevron rug from the other day…

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