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Featured Etsy Shop: Dark Cycle Clothing

Allow me to introduce you to Dark Cycle Clothing. At the Etsy Craft party last weekend, I got to see this stuff in person… and I absolutely couldn’t decide on which design I liked best. Their shirts are very unique and so, so cool. Dark Cycle Clothing is based right here in Tampa Bay, and

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Featured Etsy Shop: HappyGoLicky

This is some of the most gorgeous handmade, recycled silver, boho-chic jewelry I’ve ever seen. So, I thought I’d share HappyGoLicky with you today! Here are some of my favorite items from their shop. 1. Nautical Silver Ring 2. Starfish Silk Wrap Bracelet 3. Peacock Feather Ring 4. Waves Silk Wrap Bracelet

Featured Etsy Shop: Ballyhoo Bath

I’ve decided that I must share Ballyhoo Bath with you, this week. I recently ordered some of their bubble bath powders, and they’re incredible. The bubbles last so long, and they smell so good! Great prices, too. I’m looking forward to trying more things! Here are a few of my favorites. 1. Solid Lotion Stick

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Featured Etsy Shop: Superfantastic! By Julie

I just wanted to share this fun Etsy shop today. I met the shop owner through an Etsy team that I’m a part of. I think her jewelry products are just so unique and cute! Here’s a few of my favorites. 1. King Tut Ring 2. Chandelier Necklace 3. Daisy Dangle Earrings 4. Vintage Glass

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