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New in the Shop! Molly, Emily, Vivian and Lucy!

Some more  new pretties in the shop today!





Make them yours! Visit StickyShop!

New in the shop – Mini Wallets Galore!

Seriously, how cute are these all nestled together into a duct tape wallet quilt? Pretty cute, I’d say. Want one? Visit the StickyShop!


New in the shop! “Ella”

Blog Update:

Hello everyone! I have been a little wordpress silent the past couple of weeks… I’m in the process of moving the blog (and all of the trials, and layout designs, and spam comments on a blog that shouldn’t even exist yet…*sigh*) over to my own hosted website. WordPress limits me from using some tools I want to use, and I’ve been considering this move for quite a while. I’m still not certain where StickyBlog is going, but I’ll give my readers plenty of advance notice, I promise!

Shop Update:

I just listed this pretty little lady in my Etsy shop today… I think she’s rather pretty. Her name is Ella, and she is pleased to meet you. Ella features red and hot pink ruffles, circles and buttons, on a red wallet. Inside, you’ll find 3 pockets, all accented with hot pink. She would be a lot of fun to pull out of your summer/fall bag, and bonus, she’s plenty big enough to carry as a clutch purse, too!


If you’re interested in making Ella yours, just head over to the StickyShop, and click that ‘add to cart’ button! And if you’re interested in custom colors or anything else like that, feel free to contact me at jen [at] sticky-design [dot] com.

Have a great day everyone! I’ve got pictures from my parents’ anniversary party, and lots more shop updates to list this week. Check back soon! 🙂


The Shop Is Full! + Discount Code

Well it took longer than I expected, but I’ve got the shop stocked with all sorts of cute duct tape stuff! I have lots more projects in the works, and not just duct tape, Sticky is branching out, folks. We’re branching out. 🙂

Use code ILOVETAPE at checkout to receive 20% off your entire order. Click the ‘StickyShop’ button over there and check it out! —>

New Stuff

This week I’m working on restocking the Etsy shop with the stock I already have… so I can start making new things! All of these wallets will be posted in the shop this week. All are one of a kind, and 100% duct tape! If you see something you like, I’d be happy to reserve

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