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Blogs I <3

Happy Weekend! I just thought I’d drop by and share a few blogs I’ve been enjoying recently. They’re all pretty different, but you’ll find DIY’s, healthy recipes, tutorials, great design, and some very cute gift ideas. 🙂 I hope everyone has a very blessed Easter weekend. See you next week!

Sticky Break!

Hey all! It’s finally here! I’m getting married this weekend, then taking a much needed honeymoon to relax from all this hub-bub! On Sunday I’ll be sailing from Ft. Lauderdale to Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands for 7 days. *happy sigh* That means I will not be shipping orders or responding to emails

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Welcome to the new Sticky blog!! (The blog formerly known as ProlificPeregrination) I decided to move my old blog over to here because: a: I kept getting asked what in the world the name meant b: I wanted to make it a little more about my Etsy shop and other little business ventures, and a

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Modern Patchwork E-Course Giveaway

I’ve blogged about my love for the girls of Red Velvet Art and their amazing blogs before… Well. I just finished Elsie’s (of “A Beautiful Mess“) newest E-Course, Blog Love. I really enjoyed it, and learned so much. It was great reading about her ups and downs in this industry, and she’s basically the coolest.

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Peregrination #3

I think it’s about time I explain the numbered posts. Originally I aspired to write one per day – a daily record of my ‘prolific peregrinations.’ Or “many journeys,’ more simply put. Just so I could essentially journal an entire year of my life, one day at a time. However, there are numerous reasons why

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