Favorite Photography Apps: Collage Apps

I am an iPhone user. (read: addict) And honestly, more than the games, (well, besides Zombie Tsunami and Song Pop) or the social networking, (Besides Instagram, FB and GetGlue) or any other kinds of apps you could think of, (Etsy, Epicurious) my favorite, by far, are photography apps. I just started my fourth folder of photo apps, and I love and use each and every one of them!

Since this blog is about things I love… I thought I’d share some of my favorites with you over the next few weeks!

I’ve already written about my favorite app, Instagram, but Instagram has become a lot more than just a camera app. It’s a social network now. Which I’m completely fine with, even though my 12 year old step daughter has about 400 more followers than me… : (follow me, please?) Haha.

So, let me tell you about my two favorite photo collage apps. That’s collAge, not collEge. They do not make you smarter, they just arrange your photos, and give you the ability to display many, without taking up too much space.

Without further ado, I give you… Diptic.

There are many, many other collage apps out there, but Diptic is my absolute favorite just because it does what I need, and does it well. Plus you can export the images in high-res so they’re prettier for your blog, or to get printed out. You see images I create with Diptic on the blog all the time. But below is an example. Also, I just noticed that in a recent update, you can now adjust and add filters to the individual images in your collage. So that’s pretty cool.

And, Instacollage Pro


Instacollage is a little different than Diptic. Where Diptic is very simple, with few frills… Instacollage is all the frills you could ever want. It’s got labels, and stickers, and frames ranging from simple to a little tacky… Here’s an example I did with a few of my wedding pics.


So, there are my two favorites. Also, some free options that work well are Pic Stitch, and Instaframe.

Happy collaging! 🙂

Your thoughts?

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