DIY: Suede Feather Hair Clips

Since summer arrived, I’ve been wearing my hair up almost every day. I don’t consider myself that great at hair-styling, so sometimes I depend on a pretty hair clip to change the same hairstyle I’ve worn for three days into something a little cuter.

I have discovered that Forever21 has great hair stuff on the cheap – but they tend to stock a lot of hot pink, and neon yellow… and all the colors the 11 year old ‘directioners’ are wearing. I’m not 11, and I mostly wear things like denim, and florals, and lace… So, I drew up this little DIY project one day last week. I hope you like it!

It’s a leather feather. Ha. Here’s how I made it!

Grab a scrap of leather or suede: I had an old jacket my husband was going to donate – it had paint spilled on it, and was just basically worn out. But there are patches that are still just fine, so I stole it from the donation pile. :\

Other things you’ll need: Scissors, a pen or pencil, embroidery thread/needle/thimble, a plain little metal hair clip. I’m not sure what these are called… they’re the ones you open up, put in your hair, then snap them down. You might also want some fabric glue, if your suede is thin – that way you can secure it to the hair clip, and it will stay together better.

Cut out a little leaf/feather shape from your leather/suede. Draw a curved line down the center. This will mark where you put the stitching, and also you’ll know how far in you can cut your ‘fringe.’

Next, cut the fringe with the curve of the shape you cut – make sure not to cut all the way to the center – leave a little bit of space on both sides of the line you drew.

Thread your needle, and put in a row of stitching from end to end, following that line.

When you get to the end, I added another piece of embroidery thread so I could braid a little feather quill at the end of mine. Just tie it in a knot to the end of the last stitch, and braid. Secure the braid with a knot.

And finally, just stitch on your little hair clip. Here’s the finished project!

I apologize for not getting more pictures of the stitching process – it’s hard to take photos and stitch at the same time… plus I didn’t really know what I was doing until I was done. 🙂 But I think you can figure it out from the pictures. Leave me a link in the comments if you decide to try this, I’d love to see your version!

Your thoughts?

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