Free Font! – Railway

I’m featuring this font today, because the name is particularly relevant to me today! (Plus I really like it!) This afternoon I am getting on a train, and traveling from Tampa, FL to Washington, DC. It is a 20+ hour trip, and I plan to enjoy every second of my alone time. I’ve got my kindle app all loaded up with new books, I’ve got my blog journal, I’ve got lots of homework for my ‘lovely venture’ class… I’m all set! I’m going to miss my E and my little Zoey cat something terrible, but I’ll be back soon. 🙂

If you’ve never traveled by train, I highly recommend it. Sure, it takes longer than flying, but it’s an experience all in itself. The people are so interesting, and it’s really something everyone should try at least once! (Plus this time, it was waaaay cheaper than flying!) Oh, also, I’ve got blog posts scheduled for every day I’m gone, so it will be like I never even left!

Without further ado… The Railway font.

Your thoughts?

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