Pinterest Favorites – Things to do with paint chips

A little color to brighten up your Monday!

I find myself wandering the paint aisles every time I go to a home improvement store. All the colors sort of mesmerize me, I think… and I usually end up with a few random paint chips stuffed in my bag, for future inspiration, or you know… a bookmark.

I’ve used them to make a few crafty projects, but a quick search on Pinterest let me know that I’ve really been holding myself back! Check out these amazing projects using paint chips.

1. I’ve always wanted a binding machine. If you happen to own one… these little paint chip notebooks would make adorable little gifts!

2. Paint chip wall art. This, is incredible.

3. Paint chip paint job. Great for renters!

4. Pretty paint chip bookmarks!

5. Paint chip earrings – so cute!

6. Pretty paint chip scallops in a frame. I’d love to make a gigantic one of these, in all different colors, for my living room.

7. Another notebook idea for those of us who don’t have a binding machine! These would be adorable little favors for a party or wedding.

8. Another pretty framed wall art piece.

9. Paint chip necklace.

10. I’ve seen this done with fabric, but paint chips would be so much easier to get the same size and shape. Love this idea, but I’d probably put another paint chip in the center of the circles, to add even more color.

Your thoughts?

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