Pinterest Favorites – Pretty things to do with jars

Hi there! It’s a beautiful day in Florida! I hope the sun is shining on all of you, too!

If you saw my wedding pictures, you know that I love mason jars. Especially the antique blue tinted ones. My mom always liked them too… I think having them around reminds me of her, which is nice, now that I live 1000 miles away from her.

I was browsing pinterest today, and found some pretty new ideas to display my jar collection in my home. I hope you find some inspiration!

1. Turn a Classico spaghetti sauce jar into a pretty vase!

2. Free printable jar labels. Make your pantry a little more cute.

3. Another restyled jar to vase idea.

4. Lots of jars with candles. The prettiest centerpiece for your summer picnics.

5. Mount jar lids to the bottom of a cabinet to store your buttons and findings.

6. Paint the tops of your jar lids with chalkboard paint – great for organizing teas and spices!

7. A light fixture made from jars. I want to try this!

8. Use a big jar to hold a pretty gift. Reusable gift wrap is the best!

9. Use jars in the bathroom for qtips, cotton balls, and makeup.

10. Instead of plastic cups at your next party, or even a small wedding… try having little 4 oz jars instead. Don’t forget the pretty striped paper straws!

Your thoughts?

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