Guy Gifts

As we all know, Valentine’s Day is next month. Now, I’m not a huge fan of that particular holiday… and don’t find it overly useful. However, my husband’s birthday is also that week, and the anniversary of the day we met. SO… there are usually a few gifts tossed around. 😉

I was browsing Etsy today, and found a few items that I labeled as possibilities for hubby gifts. I thought I’d share!

Great for a guy into sailing, or surfing, or swimming, or taking their wife on picnics to the beach… This silver wave ring is very unique. Love.


My husband hates ties. HATES. However, perhaps I could talk him into this cool vintage tie


This gadget wallet seems just right for my stylish, nerdy guy… though it’s not Fossil, and leather, like his wallet usually is – it’s got a place for his iphone, earbuds, sd cards, flash drives… it’s truly the ultimate nerdy wallet.


I love a guy with a vintage doodad in his possession. A flask, a pocket knife… This vintage lighter would definitely do the trick.


QR Code Cufflinks. Get his website, his contact info, whatever you want really – pressed down into a cool little QR code. He’d be the coolest guy in the meeting every time.


Alright,  juggling balls seem like they’d be a really fun and different gift!


Does your guy have an iPad? Kindle? Nook? I also hear there’s a windows 8 tablet coming soon! *swoon* If he does, he’ll definitely need an awesome, unique leather case to make his tablet stand out among the rest.


I have to be honest here… I don’t know a single guy that would turn down a Star Wars t-shirt. I mean, I’m sure there are guys out there, and that’s unfortunate… but all the guys in my life would love this.


I think this cute vintage hat would be great for a coffee date, or a shopping/pub hopping Saturday afternoon.


An upcycled leather belt, and a barn nail. How many guys have a bracelet like that? Not many I’d bet. This bracelet is a unique accessory for your unique guy.

I hope I gave you some inspiration!




Your thoughts?

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