Happy Monday! :\

If you’ve got an iPhone, you probably already know about Instagram. If you don’t, go to the app store and download it right now!  (I hear that it’s coming to Android, too if it hasn’t already… so don’t worry droid users, your time will come.) It’s currently my favorite photo/camera app, and it’s kept my attention for over a year! That’s really saying something. I’ve recently run across some great web tools to use with the app, and SO many cute ideas to do with Instagram prints. Here’s some of my favorites!


Statigram – Great site that allows you to view all your pictures, and your ‘feed’ on your computer screen. A great way to save a single picture to your computer for printing, etc… And it gives you stats like, which filter you use most often, which pictures get the most likes… etc. Great site.

Instaport – Want to back up your Instagram pictures so you can empty out your camera roll? Or did you delete a picture that you want to put back on your phone? This tool allows you to download all your Instagram pictures into one zip file which you can then sync back to your phone, or just have on your computer. I found this very useful for the next tool on the list…

Postalpix – iPhone app… it loads up your pictures, and you can just select the ones you want to print, checkout, and in just a few days, you have cool, square prints of your Instagram photos. It does regular iPhone pics, too.



Blurb – This site allows you to upload your Instagram photos and print them into a little square book. I ordered one last fall, and I absolutely love it.

Stickygram – Turn your Instagram pics into little magnets.

Casetagram – Turn your Instagram pics into an iPhone case.

Artflakes and Instagoodies – Stickers!

TeenyTile – Little ceramic tiles printed with your images…


I also love these ideas:

Instagram Photo Wall


Instagram Photo Strips


Instagram Banner


Instagram Wallpaper?


Giant Instagram Frame – I love this so much, but I have no idea where you’d ever get a frame that big… custom I guess. Aaaaaand it would probably cost a fortune… figures I’d like it. 🙂


Do you know of a cool Instagram tool or idea? Share it in the comments!


Your thoughts?

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