What’s In My Bag?

Wow, I haven’t done a ‘what’s in my bag’ post in a while! Today I cleaned out all the Christmas gift receipts and candy wrappers – and decided to share a little peek.

The purse is a mustard leather Nine West bag that I bought on a clearance rack at Marshalls in the fall. I really need to go bag shopping.

Inside contents include: (in order, sort-of clockwise)

Pretty bracelets that my stepdaughter gave me for Christmas.
Starbucks cup sleeves that I’m saving for a craft project.
A Sagittarius keychain that my stepson found in a parking lot…
My journal/pen, wallet, iPhone, ear buds, candy sticks and a duct tape bow pin.
Some coupons, a gift card my hubby bought me for Christmas, and my hot pink aviators.
Neosporin to go, lip gloss, and edible glitter leftover from a cake I decorated.
Instax photos and a couple of buttons from ModCloth.

And also my camera… but I had to take the picture with something! 🙂

Just to clear up any rumors about how unorganized I am… I actually have a little pouch for the lip gloss and little things… and a special pocket for the journal, phone, and gum. Very organized! See?

Your thoughts?

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