Pinterest Favorites: Last Minute Christmas Gifts – Day One

Only 6 shopping days until Christmas! I have to admit, I’m a tiny bit stressed about that… I’m usually finished with my shopping by now, but I’m just not quite there, and the stores are SO busy.

I’ve been looking for some cute, quick DIY/food gifts for people you may not have thought about the last time you were at the mall. Such as the mailman, the landlord, or the dog sitter.

Today’s post is just some random DIY projects I found interesting, but I’ll be posting different ideas throughout the week.

#1. Instagram/Hypstamatic/Picturephoneography

Those of us who have smartphones have piles and piles of cute, mini pictures taking up all the space on our phones. Pictures of the kids, the cats, that amazing sky you happen to notice while sitting at a stoplight… or even what you had for breakfast this morning. These little, abstract snapshots can make great last minute gifts for just about anyone!  Click here for some great ideas.

#2. Fabric Scraps on Canvas

If you’re like me, you’ve got fabric scraps all over the place – turn them into a piece of art using this as inspiration.

#3. Paint Over Paint By Number

I ran across this project over on A Beautiful Mess – one of my favorite blogs. I’ve wanted to try this ever since I saw it, but I haven’t been lucky enough to find a pretty paint by number to use. However, I think it would be awesome over an old map, or a photo collage – and if you made your paint more sheer over the painting it might be cool, too.

#4. Crayon Art

I love this project – I don’t know where I’d use it in my house, but I think it’s a really cute idea. If you know someone who would like this, say, a kindergarten teacher, or a toddler or an artist… give it a try!

#5. Easy Yarn Wreath

I made two of these for my front doors, only I used a simple red bow instead of the felt poinsettias. You could make this in any color scheme, or theme. I even think decorating it with little yarn balls, or crochet flowers would be adorable. Plus, it’s really simple to make.

#6. Painted Bulb Ornaments

I wish I had seen this before I decorated my tree. It’s just some plain, glass bulbs, squirt some paint inside, roll it around, then let it dry. So cute, and SO easy! A great gift for newlyweds, or anyone  who likes unique holiday decor.

#7. Simple Bow Tie Top

Got some sewing chops? I think this would make such a cute and personal little gift for someone close to you. Your sister, your daughter… You know. The tutorial says even beginning sewing skills are all you need.

#8. Men’s Dress Shirt – Turned Skirt

Another little sewing DIY. I think this skirt is really cute, and I love, love repurposing clothing and fabrics into fun new things. I can’t wait to try this, I even have a couple of my husband’s old dress shirts stashed away to use. 🙂

#9. Onesie Bouquet

Anyone who’s ever had, or been around a newborn knows how invaluable onesies are. This is SUCH a cute way to package them, just roll them up to look like flowers, wrap a pipe cleaner around them, and put them in a vase or flower pot with some other flowers, leaves and ribbons. I think cloth diapers or burp cloths would also be cute. Use red and green if you want to make your gift more holiday themed. I’ve also seen a few adorable tutorials for personalizing onesies, I’ll try to get a few of those up this week, as well.

#10. DIY Candy Dispenser

A great gift for a neighbor or office mate… or even your sig-other. All you need is a flower pot and a candy dish – some paint and ribbon, and voila, cute candy gift! Try painting it with chalkboard paint, then you or whoever you’re gifting it to can write different things on it year-round.

I hope you’re already finished with your shopping, and you’re sitting at home sipping your hot chocolate by now. But if not, I hope some of these ideas will help you out! 🙂

Have a happy week everyone. Tis the season!






One comment on “Pinterest Favorites: Last Minute Christmas Gifts – Day One

  1. intomind
    December 19, 2011 at 5:48 pm #

    i like all of these, but the crayon thing is soooo cool I will definitely try it out

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