DIY – Fabric Wrapped Bracelets

Well I promised you a tutorial to make those pretty JewelMint bracelets last week, and as promised, here it is!

I actually like the way these turned out so much, I’m going to the thrift store later today to see if I can find some wide plastic/wood bangles to use for them. (I know a thrift store that usually has a whole plastic pipe lined with bangles.) And hello stocking stuffers for my female friends. 🙂

Without further ado: (And I’ll apologize in advance if you have a slow internet connection… this is a very image-heavy post.)

I used some cheap bangle bracelets I’d bought at Walmart for my Halloween costume. The metal ones had started to tarnish, and the plain black wooden ones were just kinda… meh.

Then I grabbed some of the fabric scraps from a box in the garage.

For the ones that are wrapped with a solid strip of fabric, I cut strips that were long enough to wrap all the way around and meet end to end, and about 1/2 inch wider than the bracelet, so I could glue it on the inside of the bracelet to prevent any edge fraying.

I used ‘WeldBond’ Glue, which my husband bought at Michaels a while back. It is pretty amazing stuff. And it’s almost gone now. Sorry honey.

I just spread it on with my finger, to evenly coat the outside of the bracelet, then pressed the fabric into the glue. Be careful, and use the glue sparingly, or it will show through the fabric and make weird smooth patches when it dries. Just remember, smooth, thin coat. 🙂

Then just to glue the inside, and finish it off with a ribbon to cover the jagged edges, and make it more comfy. Just for a little bit of detail, similar to the JewelMint ones… I added some embroidery thread.

For the thinner bracelets, I did the same thing as with the wider bracelet with two of them, one strip of fabric around the outside, and a ribbon (or in this case, the strap off of an old sundress that didn’t fit anymore, which happened to be the perfect width) on the inside. With the other two, I wrapped fabric and embroidery thread around the bracelet.

And now for the finished project:

So easy! I have the feeling I’m going to wear these a lot. And hey, for a little time and effort on my part… I saved $30! 🙂 I can definitely see these made out of different washes of denim, maybe that favorite shirt or dress your little one wouldn’t ever take off – a super special gift for them, or for you, when they’re much older… a vintage handkerchief that belonged to your grandmother… so many possibilities. I had fun with this project, I hope you do, too!

One comment on “DIY – Fabric Wrapped Bracelets

  1. Kaisa - LostYarnLoft
    November 18, 2011 at 6:21 pm #

    Super cute! I love the look of the ribbon lined chunky bracelet and that you added the embroidery floss with the fabric! Very fun and eye catching!

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