DIY Sunburst Painting

Another idea inspired by something I found on Pinterest. Go figure. 😉

This one was messy, but I looooooove to paint, so it was a lot of fun for me. Keeping the cats out of the paint, and the tape, and from running across the canvas on the floor? A challenge. Finished product? Worth it!

Ready for the process pics?

I got out my paint, and grabbed a simple canvas from Michaels… it seemed way bigger in the store!

Then decide where your center point will be. I pretty much just marked mine with a pencil dot. Then just tape off your triangle with painter’s tape. I didn’t pay attention to whether or not my sections were even, I was more concerned about color than perfectly calculated angles.

I used those cheap foam brushes, I think I got 4 for $1. I’m sure nicer, prettier brushes would give you nicer brush strokes or something, but these worked! Start painting your taped off triangles or ‘beams,’ shall we? And soon you’ll have this!:

Then this:

Then this! (Tank was very impressed.)

Another shot of the finished product, sans kitteh.

I hope your weekend was phenomenal! (I try to use that word at least once per day.)


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