Wanna see what I did yesterday?

I’ve been busy. The craft fair that I frequent with my ‘Sticky’ products is hosting a big hispanic heritage festival this weekend, and the craft fair has extended hours. 9AM – 5PM. The longest one I’ve attended so far! So I wanted to have plenty of products to cover us for 8 hours.

Yesterday I completed 35 mini-wallets, and two sets of hair bows!

There’s the first 15…

There are 5 more that I didn’t get in the photos… Today I’m doing hair bows and a few purses… and tomorrow I’m making full size wallets. By the way, if you’re in the Tampa Bay area, you should definitely come down to the Ybor City Saturday Market, and the Festival Del Sabor on Saturday, September 10th, and say ‘Hi’ to me and my hubbs. ๐Ÿ™‚

Hope everyone has had an amazing week so far, the week FLEW by for me. I can’t believe tomorrow is Friday already!

Your thoughts?

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