Photoshop Actions

We’ve all got piles and piles of uninteresting, less than perfect photos on our hard drives. I have a hard time deleting any photograph, because all it takes is a little tweak in Photoshop, maybe adjusting the focus, or the color, or even a fun crop… to turn uninteresting into amazing. However what is super simple to one person in Photoshop, may not be so simple for everyone else. For this reason, I give you: Photoshop Actions. (This set is free!)

If you do a google search for Photoshop Actions, you’ll find lots of others, but I’m sharing these because not only are they FREE, but they cover most of the common photo edits.

If you’re an iPhone addict user, like I am… You should definitely try the Instagram app.


It’s got some great instant photo effects, and you can do some super cute things with them. Check out this post on A Beautiful Mess for ideas!

Your thoughts?

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