6 Months – Happy Half-Anniversary!

Here’s a little bit about my life. I’m a work from home designer. If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you probably know that. I do graphics, logos, game art, websites, print, etc. I also do my crafty things, (StickyShop, anyone?) and write this blog. The reason I’m able to stay home and pursue my business ventures, and take care of the back-stage stuff in our partnership, (Cleaning, money-stuff, laundry… you know.) is because my amazing husband works very, very hard. He takes care of so many people, his 3 kids, me, our furry ones… and is always way more give, than take. It’s important to me to make our home a peaceful, comfortable place for him to unwind and recharge, and I like to make him feel like the most important person in the world, whenever I can. He’s a great man, and I’m very lucky to have him. 🙂

So, even though this post is a couple of weeks early – I just wanted to let him know that these past 6 months of marriage have been some of the best days of my whole life. There have been tough days, and things from our past that have tried to put bumps in the road, but the good things are so good, the bad things don’t even matter. Not even a little bit. I love you sweetheart, keep your chin up. Someone loves you more than you’ll ever know. Here’s to lots and lots more happily married months together.

Your thoughts?

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