Wedding Memories – Part 2

Happy Friday! Wow, it’s taken me a lot longer to post this than I originally planned… but here it is! The next part of my wedding details. In this post I’ll show you our favors, decorations, and sweets from the beach picnic reception that we had BEFORE our wedding. We’re such rebels. πŸ™‚

I’ve always wanted a collection of blue mason jars… so it was only natural to use the wedding as an excuse to ‘collect’ a dozen or so. Thanks to some flea markets and antique shops, My mom and I managed to get some really unique ones for my new collection. We added sand from the beach, some seashells, and a votive candle. They were scattered on the tables to add some vintage quirk.

Part 1 of our take-home favors were little lace trimmed brown paper bags filled with salt water taffy. I picked the yummiest flavors, like vanilla cupcake, pina colada, and cotton candy! I hand stamped the little paper tags, and hand tied the sailor’s knots using roping I bought in a wholesale craft shop. I loved how these turned out.

Part 2 of our take-home favors – little ships wheel magnets that had ‘Our course is set!” stamped on them. I also made placemats out of scrapbooking paper. I cut out a little circle, and stamped it with our wedding logo. They looked pretty on the brown paper covered tables.

Our ‘wedding cake’ was two different varieties of cupcakes. Lemon with cream cheese frosting… complete with little handmade sails, and chocolate with orange flavored frosting, and little handmade marzipan oranges on top. (Citrus flavors for the Florida wedding!) They were yummy and cute. And I’m glad I chose to make them myself. However, I wish I hadn’t forgotten my cupcake towers that I had made. *sigh* Oh well, it all worked out!

What would a party be without cake pops? These were vanilla/cream cheese on the inside, and white/milk chocolate on the outside. I used lots of different kinds of sprinkles so they’d all be unique, and tied them with the cute blue bakers twine I used on the invitations.

The display on the dessert table, and the little ‘beverage center.’ We went with glass bottles of soda to go with the vintage-y theme of the wedding, and the tin bucket and fishing nets to carry on the nautical theme.

And of course, pink paper straws, in an antique blue glass pitcher.

It was a very happy day!

We DIY’d everything, every morsel of food, every little frill or detail, was handmade. It felt very personal, and turned out very cute. πŸ™‚

The next post is going to be about our flowers and dresses! I’m excited to share. πŸ™‚

Enjoy your weekend!

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