Craft Hope

You may have noticed my new “Craft Hope” button over there on the sidebar. –> They’re doing a project to gather handmade bracelets to send to orphans in Russia. I have a major soft spot in my heart for kiddos that need families. If I could afford it I’d adopt all they’d let me. But this is a way I can send just a little love, while doing something I like to do – making things! They’ll take any kind of bracelet – so if you know how to string beads onto a piece of elastic, or braid a friendship bracelet, or use one of the handy tutorials I provided at the bottom of this post – I encourage you to participate!

I ran across this project over on Ashley’s blog. (which I love, by the way) Her little girl was in the hospital with a broken leg, and one of the things she did to pass the time was make bracelets. I can’t wait to make some with my stepdaughter Lily and send them off to put a smile on some little one’s face. I have several simple designs in mind, and I’m just going to set a goal to make at least one per day, and a few on days she’s staying with us, until the deadline to send them. I hope you will too!

Here are a few simple bracelet tutorials:

Jersey Knit Bracelet

Button Bracelet

Summer Bracelets

PVC Pipe Bangle

Bling Bracelets

Beads and Ribbons

And last but not least… This rose cuff bracelet. This one might not be appropriate to send in large quantities, but I’m totally making one of these for myself. Ha!

If you plan on participating, I’d love to know! Leave me a comment here, or on Facebook, and feel free to post your pictures on the Facebook page, as well. I’ll create an album for everyone to use. (Remember you have to ‘Like’ the page to be able to post pictures. 🙂 )

Your thoughts?

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