Something new!

I know I’ve blogged about the my little addiction to Pinterest – but did you notice that there’s now a linky button on the sidebar over there –> that takes you straight to my pin boards? Yay!

I post things on there that don’t always make it to the ‘things I love’ or any of the featured posts I do. So follow me on Pinterest and Twitter to keep up with all the fun, nerdy, and pretty things I find worthy of sharing. 🙂

I’ve got something new coming up in the shop, too! Shoe clips! I think they’re adorable and I’m already sporting a couple of them around town on some plain Jane flippers that needed sprucing up. See?

These should be in the shop within the next few days.

GIVEAWAY ALERT! Do you ‘like’ Sticky on Facebook? Once the page hits 250 fans, I will randomly select one lucky fan to win a cute little grab bag of Sticky products! The winner will receive a mini-wallet, a pair of the brand new shoe clips and a bow-tie pin or hair clip in the color of their choice. So click that ‘like’ button, and tell your friends to do the same!

Your thoughts?

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