Today I’m super busy busy. I’m working on a huge shop restock with brand new products – I’m hoping to get a ton of things made today so tomorrow I can take photos and put up listings… I’m working on ‘Thank You’ cards for our wedding guests, and someone seriously needs to notice the overflowing laundry baskets in my house. Seriously.

This morning my hubby and I had a little coffee date, which we try to do at least once per week. We check our email, talk about our plans for the week, and generally just catch up on things we might not think about while we’re making dinner and doing our every-day stuff. So while he was trolling some forums about the ‘Apple is tracking your every move’ craziness… I spent a little bit of time on twitter, and found some awesome freebies to share with you today!

1. Some pretty, girly-yet-professional-and-grown-up iPhone wallpapers by Nina Campbell:
via Design*Sponge.

2. Mother’s day is coming up very soon! Throw your mom a little Mother’s day brunch with this cute strawberry party kit!

3. A fun freebie font:
via How About Orange

4. Three pages of free textures, vectors and other goodness at Wegraphics.

5. Another freebie resource site – vectors, ornaments, patterns… Add Free-Stock-Graphics to your toolbox!

Have a happy day!

Your thoughts?

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