Featured Etsy Finds

Something I’ve learned recently is how hard it is to get the word out about Etsy shops. Sure, there’s facebook ads, other blogs, and things like that, but finding the targeted market for your products in other people’s blogs is just plain difficult.

I’m hoping to be part of the solution here with both my ‘things I love’ posts, and the featured shop and blog posts. I’d be happy to feature your shop or blog, as long as I feel my readers would enjoy it! Just click the ‘get featured’ button at the top of the blog page and send me your info!

Today I want to share two super cute shops I found recently. The first, Neverland Jewelry appealed to my nerdy sci-fi loving side with this:

Then I saw this and this and this. *swoon*


Her designs also appeal to the zombie loving crowd. So. Cool. One or more of these is definitely coming to live with me very soon. 🙂

The second shop I’m swooning over today is Octopurse. Even though everything with the preface “octo” is forever changed for me since the whole “octomom” fiasco… 😛 The lego people in her pictures are just so, so cute.

This is my favorite:

Followed closely by this, this and this!


I hope everyone’s having a good Monday! It’s been a productive one for me. I need to keep it up for a while longer!

Your thoughts?

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