Wedding Memories – Part One

There are so many things I want to share from my wedding, and I didn’t want to overload the blog with picture after picture – so I decided to split it up into four parts over the next couple of weeks. Pre-Wedding Design, Details, Ceremony, and Honeymoon. I’ll also be talking about the mishaps that always happen, and stress you out so much while they’re happening… then afterwards you find them completely silly and trivial.

Pre-Wedding Design

We got engaged in July of 2010, and back then, we were all about eloping. We’ve both been married once before, and this time we didn’t want the stress, the poofy dress, hundreds of people, or a long, complicated reception. So as soon as we began discussing marriage, long before the engagement even happened, we talked about going somewhere in the Caribbean, me in a pretty sun dress, him in shorts and a tropical shirt, and a minister with a Jamaican accent saying what needed to be said. Just the two of us, simple, easy, and on with the honeymoon.

That is not what happened.

A couple of people who are very important to us had a major problem with us not having a wedding… and we decided that it was important to us both that his kids be involved, and our parents, and from that point, I caught the wedding bug.

We wanted to keep it small and simple, so we decided on a beach picnic with fun, picnic food, and a short ceremony afterwards as the sun was setting. I also wanted it to be very personal, and DIY. We decided on Fort DeSoto State Park in Florida, which is a really pretty park. And I decided on a ‘vintage nautical/diy’ theme.

We ended up with around 25 people – and even though it ended up being spring break, so the beach was packed, we got there way too late to get to everything I’d wanted to be set up, I forgot most of the glassware I’d purchased for the dessert and food tables, and my husband-to-be showed up with a fresh spray tan that made him appear slightly orange… it turned out pretty great. We wanted a fun, beach day with our families and close friends that ended in us being married, and going on the most amazing honeymoon either of us could have imagined. Spoiler alert…Β That’s what happened. But more on that later.

First of all, our Save The Date’s. We sent our out-of-town guests a beach bag, flip-flops, sunscreen, seashells, and a luggage tag with their name on it. Inside was a Florida post card (That’s the t-shirt with the flamingo print.) giving them the date, and letting them know to prepare for a beach day!

“Pack your bags and head for the beach…
Jennifer and Edward are getting married!

On Saturday, March 26, 2011 we set sail
on our new adventure.

Save The Date!”

Next came the invitations. I wanted to wait until Christmas was over to start making the invitations. But then right after Christmas was when I started getting serious about having a crafty business… so they were something that kept getting pushed further and further down the to-do list. Once I finally sat down to design them, it was almost time for them to be sent, so it was a bit of a rushed project.

I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted them to look like, and for once in my life, they turned out exactly as I had planned! I created a ‘boarding pass’ inside a navy blue jacket that was trimmed with lace, and tied with bakers twine and a kraft paper seal with our wedding logo stamped on it. Every part of them was hand made. I hand-stamped and cut the labels, I hand cut the invitations and the jackets, I hand wrote the RSVP information on the Fort DeSoto post cards… they were pretty involved. But I loved how they turned out. (You can click the pictures to see them bigger.)

Two days before the wedding, I quickly created a program – inside was info about the wedding party, the order of the ceremony… etc. Here’s a picture of the front, with our rings. E had my engagement ring designed and made specially for me. It’s gorgeous, and big, and sparkly… and it seems so personal because of the way he had it made. I’m so, so proud to wear it.

We went to the jeweler that made my ring to see if he could make a matching thin band… and he had this little diamond band that curved perfectly around the bottom of my pear shaped diamond – and he made us a deal we couldn’t refuse. Ha.

E’s ring is also handmade – I got it from a shop called Titanium Knights on Etsy. He’s all about things that are indestructible, and things that could help him survive if something catastrophic happened… so clearly we had to go with titanium. I had them engrave it with “01101001 β™₯ 01110101” which is “I β™₯ U” in binary. Just a little geeky sprinkled in, there. πŸ™‚

(Photo by Samantha Hunter)

And that’s going to conclude this post… I’ll be back soon with details from our little picnic, lots more details, and some regularly scheduled blog features, here and there, too. πŸ™‚

2 comments on “Wedding Memories – Part One

  1. Claire
    September 2, 2012 at 8:58 pm #

    Cool designs! This might be a novice DIY question, but how did you get the strip of holes punched in the “boarding passes” to make the tear off strip? πŸ™‚

    • jenidleman
      September 2, 2012 at 9:01 pm #

      I just got this little wheel cutter from the craft store that cut a serrated line. I think it was called ‘cutterbee’ or something like that. Hope that helps!

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