Things I Love – Red Velvet Dresses!

Red Velvet Art – has pretty much been my favorite thing for the past couple of years. I love all the Red Velvet Girls, and the blogs and projects that they produce… but my favorite has always been Elsie, and her blog A Beautiful Mess. She’s introduced me to so many pretty things, websites and blogs

Last year, she opened a local shop in Springfield, MO, called – of course – Red Velvet. Red Velvet sells vintage and handmade things, and Elsie’s sister, Emma, has a little sweet shop inside.  I can’t even imagine how amazing it would be to have a shop like theirs! Dreams, dreams. 🙂

This evening at 6PM, (central) Red Velvet launches their very first dress line – and it’s seriously cute. I’m going to be at my desk, with the Red Velvet website on my screen, with my clicky finger at the ready. Here’s a little sneak peek video:

Another big update in the Etsy shop today, make sure you check it out!

Your thoughts?

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