Things I Love – Pinterest Edition

For those of you who don’t know… I have a problem with hoarding *ahem* collecting links and images that I find on the internet. It might be a banner on someone’s blog, or an amazing pair of shoes on Anthropologie… Inspiration comes from everywhere, you know!

So when I found a site called “Pinterest” I quickly became hooked. It’s a great place for me to post the things I love at any given moment, and they’re all right there in a collection with links and everything, instead of in my poor stuffed ‘bookmarks’ folder, or my ever impossibly cluttered desktop. So let me introduce you to my Pin Boards!


Things I love – This is where I put random things that make me swoon.

I want to live… here. – This is where I put things I would like to have in my house.

Things I’d Love To Wear – My favorite fashion finds!

Nautical Vintage Wedding – This is my ongoing inspiration board for my wedding.

I add to these literally every day, multiple times per day. Some of them are even on the list for blog feature posts! So follow my pin boards, ‘like’ me on facebook, and follow my tweets on twitter and keep up with my constant stream of pretty things!

Your thoughts?

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