Latest Designs in the Etsy Shop

Hello again!

Just thought I’d share the most recent designs I’ve added in the Etsy Shop!

These are 4 brand new unique duct tape wallets.

1. Brynne – She’s a pretty, deep royal blue with lime green and white accents. Simple, but cute.

2. Lily – Named after my (almost)stepdaughter, this Lilypad inspired design is a bright, lime green, with purple accents.

3. Zoey – Shamefully, this one is named after my sweet little cat. She’s grey, and she just looks so pretty in pink bows. This wallet features cute little polka dots and a bow with a button center.

4. Jane – This one looks to me, like something Jane Jetson would have pulled out of her super futuristic handbag. It’s turquoise with red, yellow, and orange accents. Are those flowers? Planets? You decide!

All my products are unique. No two are made alike. Inside you’ll find pockets for credit cards and things like that, and plenty of room for cash, coupons, and other essentials, like your starbucks card, your library card, or you know, your driver’s license or something. Click the links to see more pictures.

One more little thing to share today… I received the new Sticky brand products in the mail! I got super cute mini-business cards, product photo cards, and stickers from VERY happy with their service, and the quality of their products. The product photo cards were a free gift from Etsy. You can get yours too, click here!

Also, don’t forget to visit the ‘About‘ page above to find out how to follow Sticky on Facebook, Twitter, and Etsy!

Your thoughts?

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