Cute Kitty Photo Shoot = Phail.

A silly little post today…

My cat, Tank, is a rescue kitty.

He’s as sweet as can be, but very skittish, cannot meow normally, and he’s more than a little bit daft. We love him anyway.

Today, as he was rolling around on the rug beside my office chair trying to get my attention, I tried to snap a few pictures – he was being so cute. My other cat, Zoey, will let you photograph her all day. She always holds very still and gives me the cutest poses. Tank, however, has no idea what you’re doing and seems to actually wiggle more when you get the camera, because though he’s being as cute as he knows how, you’re still not scratching him, and are instead pointing a little black box at him that flashes and hurts his eyes.

Here’s what I got.

Just thought I’d share a giggle with my fellow cat lovers. 🙂 TGIF!!

Your thoughts?

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