Goals *UPDATE*

Well it’s Friday. January 14th. The first month of the new year is almost half over. How does this happen? This is why I don’t usually make resolutions.

My closets aren’t cleaned yet, my Christmas decorations are *kicks dirt* shamefully still not put away, and I still have WAY too many wedding details that still need ironed out… However, I am doing well with the diet/exercise stuff, I’m in Florida, where while it’s not all that warm at the moment, the sun is out, and the palms are gently swaying, and I’m trying to just generally be healthier and happier this year.  I have a lot to be happy about! Even if the wedding is a total unorganized disaster, (Which of course it won’t be.) We’ll still have fun, and I’ll be married to my penguin. 🙂 Plus, I can’t wait for the honeymoon cruise!

My goals for this weekend are: *Update*

  1. Plan food, groomsmen/bridesmaid attire and gifts for the wedding with E.
  2. Get the Christmas tree down, and out the door, decorations stored in the attic
  3. Get the house reset and decorated for the next holiday…
  4. Go to Fort De Soto, measure tables, get more postcards.
  5. Go flea-marketing and hopefully find some vintage leather belts for a little project I’m working on, (E got me wine crates! I can’t wait to turn them into something cool!) and some more blue mason jars for my wedding. (No luck on that stuff, E got a really cool pirate sword for his renaissance faire costume though!)
  6. Wedding invitations finished, addressed, and ready to mail next week.
  7. Make boutonnieres  for the guys/dads in the wedding. (We didn’t quite get around to deciding what the guys are going to wear. There’s still time for this.)
  8. Have lots of fun with E and the kiddos. (Only had one kiddo this weekend, but we still had fun.)

*deep breath* I can do this.  We’re going to a Star Trek collectibles trade show and a live performance tonight. Can’t wait! (It was a disappointment, but we made the best of it.)

Have a great weekend blog-friends. Live long, and prosper. 🙂

Your thoughts?

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