Things I love… Holiday Edition #2

Today’s post is dedicated to stocking stuffers! It was hard for me to pass up things like “Baconaise” and Dr. Who keychains in my lineup… but you know, gotta appeal to the masses. Even if they’re geeky masses. 😀 Here goes…

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1. Peep-toe baby booties. I LOVE these… almost enough to get a pair for my might-possibly-happen-in-the-future baby!
2. A cute flower headband – but you could do a lot more with it than that! I think it’s adorable on the candle just like she’s displaying it!
3. A little octopus ring. What girl wouldn’t love this in their stocking?
4. Little grey furry thing. She has a lot of other cute fuzzy friends in her shop, as well. 🙂
5. Plush sushi! Got a sushi lover on your list? I’m a sushi lover! Can I be on your list?
6. Snowman kit! Every kid should be able to have snow on Christmas. Even kids in Florida, like us.
7. For the nerd in your life… a pocket protector iPhone cozy.
8. Or perhaps a cool decal for their overpriced elitist Macbook? (I’m a mac hater.)
9. Camera iPhone decal – Perfect stocking stuffer for the iPhone user, or the photographer.
10. Or, for your sweet little angel kitty, a hat that reflects what’s really inside… 🙂

Check back tomorrow for some cute/nerdy gift wrapping ideas!

One comment on “Things I love… Holiday Edition #2

  1. Edward
    December 9, 2010 at 5:04 pm #

    zomg, the kitty hat is so cute, I usually don’t go in for stuff like that but…awww….

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