Things I love… Holiday Edition #1

Welcome to my holiday ‘Things I Love” series where I’ll be posting gift ideas, decorations, DIY projects, and probably some personal wish list items, too. 🙂

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1. Kitty Tee-Pee. So. Cute. My cats would love hiding in this!

2. Felted Acorn Ornaments. I think these are very pretty, I’d add a little bit of fine, white glitter to the ‘nuts.’

3. Lacy Mushroom Ornaments. I must try to make a few of these.

4. Onion Bulb Ornaments – DIY project. I am going to sit down with Lily tonight and make some of these – so simple, and so pretty. Plus, I love when people create things based on fond childhood memories. I like to do the same.

5. Mini Gingerbread Houses – These are just too cute for words. Peppermint hot chocolate. Yes.

6. Cones of Joy – I love these… I was thinking of a squared off top, painted to look like Santa hats variation…

7. The Design Sponge Holiday gift guide – Such pretty things, perfect if you’ve got someone hard to buy for, or not. 🙂

8. Queen Elizabeth one-of-a-kind Fobot – Just look at all the cute details! A crown… even a heart inside! I think a cheaper version made from stuff you find in your junk drawer would be a great project for the older kiddos in your household.

Back soon with posts about my whirlwind, last-minute cruse to the Bahamas this past weekend, more Christmas stuff, and a new item in my Etsy shop!

Your thoughts?

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