Things I Love Today

Today’s post is dedicated to gadgets, books, video games and general geek-ery.

Everyone likes Starbucks. Even if you think it’s overpriced or whatever your reason… there’s no denying that their stuff is really very yummy. (Plus, the red cup! *swoon*) From November 23-December 7, you can get access to what looks to me like a very cool sci-fi book, for free, as long as you’re logged into Starbucks wifi. I imagine you could even get it while sitting in your car outside, Starbucks hater.

Read more about the book here.


My fiancé and I play MMORPG games – several of them in fact. Since we’ve been together we’ve played Star Wars Galaxies, Star Trek Online, World of Warcraft, Dungeons and Dragons Online, City of Heroes, Lord of The Rings Online, Pirates of the Caribbean Online, EVE Online, and probably a few others I’m forgetting. The other day I got an email from EVE Online offering me 5 free days to try all their new stuff… and after seeing this, I just might take them up on it. This is seriously the coolest character creation system I’ve ever seen. via.


It’s almost Christmas, and I’m already searching for the perfect gifts and stocking stuffers for my smallish group of family and friends. If you’ve got a geek, or maybe just a teenage boy on your list, check out Neatoshop! Their food and drink section includes these adorable Pacman candy tins. I have the red one in my bag and he’s adorable! 🙂 They also have bobbleheads hand sculpted to look like the photo you send them… a’la Dwight Shrute? And some really cool t-shirts.


This list of the 50 best blogs of 2010 from PC Magazine is guaranteed to provide you hours and hours of entertainment, learning and giggles!


These computer mice! This website has some amazing geeky soaps. I can think of a couple of people that would love this Tardis bar… 😉


Want to geekify your computer desktop? Check out these icon and background sets! Star Trek, Dr. Who, Star Wars, BSG… it’s good stuff!


Everyone dreams of someday having a robot to do their everyday household chores, dishes, laundry, garbage, cat box… etc. However, if this one is any indication, the creepiness factor has not been eliminated quite yet. Can you imagine waking up to this thing staring at you? That’s the stuff nightmares are made of! Click here to read about him.


I love sugar skulls + I love kitties = I love these sugar skull kitty pillows.


And last but not least, another gift idea for the geek on your list:

The BlockDock for iPad. I don’t have one, but Apple tells me I want one, so obviously I do. Have you noticed how expensive everything is for iPad? The cases, the little stylus pens… it’s insane. Here’s a simple little wooden block stand, for twelve bucks that will work probably better than that $50 leather one at the Apple store… plus it looks cool!


Have a spiffy day! 🙂


Your thoughts?

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