Peregrination #5 Wedding update and a super cute find!

Well, the wedding save the date’s are complete, and sitting in my bedroom ready to be mailed in the morning. I’ll post pictures after all my out of town guests have had a chance to receive them. I don’t want to spoil the surprise! They are uber cute and I’m really happy with how they turned out. While I was in WV I bought the flowers for our ‘bouquets’ which really aren’t bouquets at all… I can’t wait to make them. My sister who used to be a floral designer is helping out with that job. 🙂 I’ve also decided to have a cookie bar, with yummy cookies in vintage jars and cookie jars instead of the candy bar I had planned – have any good recipes? Please share!

Now I’m working on designing the invitations. Here’s a little peek at the return address labels… so excited.

The bridesmaid dresses have arrived, and I love them… as does the little bridesmaid, who looks adorable in it. The other bridesmaid hasn’t seen hers yet, but I know she’ll look great in it, too!

Here’s a pic. Perfect, right? They’re made out of jersey knit, so I think they’ll be cool and comfortable for a Florida outdoor wedding.

Ok, now on to my favorite find of the day… I found this blog post – click here. This artist has a tiny little design studio in her yard. It looks like a kids playhouse. Sooooo cute. She makes some really cute plushies, too. My dream workspace is a cozy little treehouse. Very rustic, quilts, pillows, a little wooden desk, a place for a sewing machine, a couple of computers and different kinds of printers, the fastest wi-fi available, and my own, personal Starbucks.  🙂 What’s yours?

Your thoughts?

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