Sharing the Goods

Hey y’all,

I’ve run across a few interesting things lately – just thought I’d share!


I am not a tree hugger. But I do recycle plastic bottles and aluminum cans… and if something can be donated or re-purposed instead of thrown away, I’m all about that. I stumbled upon these cool DIY projects using plastic bottles – I’m not sure what kind of bottles the light green stripey ones are – but I think any colored soda/water bottle would work for most of these.

A change purse… (I found this via someone else’s blog – but I don’t remember which one. Sorry original poster!)

And a bank!

There are lots of other ideas on both of those linked pages – but these are my favorite. Imagine pulling your soda bottle change purse out of a duct tape bag… πŸ˜€


For those who are as font-obsessed as me – a new little time wasting gizmo! Typewar. Basically it shows you a letter, and gives you a choice of two fonts, and you pick the one you think the letter is typed in. See how high you can get your streak! Via


These gorgeous, and incredibly creative letters from Daily Drop Cap.


This adorable coat/stuff rack. When I was visiting my family in WV last week, I hit a huge sale on scarves and bought three for myself and one for my soon-to-be-stepdaughter, Lily – So naturally, now I want a cute way to display all my scarves and long necklaces. I think this would fit the bill just perfectly. I will just have to find some cool vintage knobs. Etsy? Ebay? hmm.


I can not wait to try making one of these. It’s a cuff bracelet made out of zippers! I think I might use metal or some sort of flexible plastic for the cuff form instead of the cardboard. That way if you accidentally drop it in the sink, it will survive.


This list of iPhone apps. They call them the 25 essential iPhone apps for designers – but I don’t think you’d even need to be a designer to get a lot of use out of some of these. There are apps that let you take a pic with your iPhone camera, and it will match colors and give you a color palate that would match – there are productivity apps, time tracker apps, some artsy-time waster apps, and my favorite… the font identification app. Have an iPhone? Check these out. πŸ™‚


These free wallpapers/paterns – so, so cute! Via.


This light made from sheet music. So pretty. Think how cute this would be hanging over a piano, or in my livingroom… πŸ™‚ The rest of her flickr photostream is beautiful too.Β Via.

Well, besides the cool geeky wedding stuff that I’m saving for my GeekBrides blog, (launching very, very soon…) that about wraps up this post. Hehe. Hope everyone has an amazing weekend!

Your thoughts?

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