Peregrination #2

Sunrise(I did not take this picture.)

Good morning interwebs!

Today I learned something. Something shocking.

I… do not hate mornings.

I took my Mr. to Tampa International this morning at 6:30AM – And it was an amazingly beautiful morning. Perfect temperature, if a little humid, clear sky… gorgeous sunrise, and one of the biggest moons ever – which oddly enough, I could still see at 7:15AM  when I stopped at Starbucks for coffee so that I could keep my eyelids from reminding me why I usually am not up this early. I’m actually kind of digging it.

My friends K & T from MD/PA are visiting us this week – they’re both artists, and incredibly talented, and I love having them here. I wish they would just move down.

Last night we had sushi – which has quickly turned into my favorite food since moving to Florida… K & T weren’t exactly sushi-experienced, so it was such a blast. We even got K the ‘beginner’s chopsticks,’ you know, the ones with the wad of paper rubber-banded between the tops so you don’t have to balance them between your fingers… It was funny. They were very good sports.

Today I plan to show them the very best part of Florida. The beach. Clearwater beach, to be exact. We’re going to pack our towels and sunscreen and do nothing but lay in the sand and play in the water for most of the day. I can’t wait. We have so much planned between now and Wednesday when they leave. It’s crazy.

Well on to the cool stuff for today.

I’m kind of obsessed with blogs. I have about 10 that I read every day, and then I have pages and pages of bookmarks stored in my browser. If my computer should ever crash… (Please, God, keep my computer healthy and don’t let it crash! (Is it weird to pray for your computer’s health? (Is it weird to put this many parenthesis within parenthesis?))) …they’re one of the things I’d miss the most. I really should do more back-ups. :\

So there’s this website. It’s called Bloglovin’ and it allows you to “follow” blogs, similar to the way you “follow” people on twitter. Then all you have to do is log in, or just have your Uber Google Chrome browser </shamelessPlug> store your info… click on ‘new posts’ and there are all the posts from your favorite blogs, right there, on one page, no bookmark searching needed. Awesome? Yes.

To get started, and trust me, I started with just one, too! Click on the button below. Yeah, it’s a link to follow my blog. And yes, I’m sort of begging for followers… Deal with it. 😀


Also, for your entertainment – here’s a list of blogs that I’m already following – keep in mind I just started this morning, so the numbers will grow exponentially over the next, say, week. Enjoy!

Clicky clicky! They have a widget for this, but it doesn’t seem to work on WordPress yet… I’m sure they will fix that soon. Don’t judge.

That’s today’s journey. Many more things to share. Back soon. Happy Thursday!

Your thoughts?

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