More Fun With Duct Tape

Well I have now finished two more projects in my duct tape experiment.

I made an iPhone case/wallet for Ian, out of digital camo tape. Which, I think, turned out pretty awesome.

As you can see… it has a front flap with a velcro closure, an iPhone pocket with a velcro buckle flap to keep it safely in place, and some pockets inside for a couple of cards or some cash. I’m definitely going to need to make one of these for myself. Maybe with an extra pocket for a chapstick. Best of all, it took less than a roll of duct tape, which even with the velcro brings the cost to around $4.

And I also made a little purse for Lily.

Hers is her favorite color – turquoise, with just a little bit of purple, and just for an extra touch of girly, I put on a ruffle. Velcro closure, a few pockets inside for her essentials, and a detachable braided strap. ๐Ÿ™‚ Once again, less than a whole roll of duct tape, so cost is about $4.

One more day until the weeeeeeekend!

A post about wedding plans soon!

Your thoughts?

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