Exciting news!

As you know, I’m getting married. My fiancée and I are both really big geeks, nerds, technophiles… whatever you wanna call us. Two nights ago, as we were looking at things and making plans for our wedding, we realized that there’s not really a geeky wedding resource out there. For example… we would rather register for gadgets and cool technology for our place, than dishes and towels. Silly? Maybe. But it’s our wedding. 😛

After one of our “what if we…” brainstorming sessions that usually leaves me bouncing with excitement, and him with the “well there’s the idea, go build it” look on his face… we decided to build a website called GeekBrides. Basically we’ll be featuring different products, features, and ideas every day, that have to do with geeky weddings, geeky households, and geek life in general. For those brides who need ideas on how to make their wedding personal and fun… and for those who are going to a geeky wedding and are looking for a special geeky gift. I’d especially love to feature real life geek weddings, but that might take some digging to come across.

I debated whether or not this was a good idea – because I worried that once the wedding was over, I’d lose interest – but then I realized how many unique wedding websites I had bookmarked even before we ever started thinking about getting married – and how much I love wedding cakes… and making crafty sorts of things… and I really think I can make this work. If the blog/site works – we have even bigger plans to work toward, so this is a really exciting venture for me.

Right now there’s just a placeholder up at www.geekbrides.com, but soon it will be a very pretty, very geeky place for brides, grooms, and wedding enthusiasts alike.  Have an link, or want to participate? Leave a comment, or send me an email. I’d love to hear your ideas!

Your thoughts?

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