Cool thing of the day:

Most people know how much I love fonts.

I seriously love fonts. Seriously.

However, I have so many, that finding the right font for the design I’m working on can be a frustrating and time consuming task.

Enter today’s cool thing, stage left. Fontlist. It’s a quick little install for Windows (sorry you “Steve-Jobs-worshiping-Mac-people” out there… just kidding.) You type in a sentence, or leave it default, and it creates a little html file in your Documents folder that has that sentence written in every font on your machine. Today I typed the name of the new project I’m working on, and boom – I could see how it looked in every font I had. Which prompted me to download 30 more. *sigh*

Anyway! Very handy little tool. Thought I’d share. 🙂

Your thoughts?

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