Ten things I love today!

This underwater digital camera!

I recently learned to swim underwater. (Thanks, Edward!) Think how much fun it would be with one of these!

This laptop bag: Yeah, I’m a PC girl… all the way. I don’t even have a laptop.  But this bag is adorable.

The backgrounds on this site. I have so many of these on my computer – and I am often inspired by the designs to create something of my own.

And while we have super mario on our minds…

I can see it now… My desk is made of a stack of red bricks. My office chair is a giant mushroom. I have one of those little fire flowers growing in a pot on my windowsill and a row of these on the other side of that window, and I’m wearing the pink princess dress. *sigh*

This tattoo! Perhaps my next one will be something encoded in binary. 🙂 (Also, I found this nifty tool that lets you translate words into binary, hex, etc. Just in case you’re not geeky enough to do it yourself.) 😛

I’m not sure this counts as techie or nerdy, but look at this room! It’s decorated with those little plastic bubbles we used to spend all our parents quarters on! (via EPBOT) There’s also a really cool art project made from toilet paper rolls there that I’m totally gonna try.

50jp (Jen Points) if you know what this is referencing… 🙂

I think a couple of these would be a good addition to the borg costumes I’m making for halloween…

This Caffeine Molecule mug! Everyone needs one of these.

I want one of these in adult size! Of course I doubt I’ll have much use for it in Florida.

One comment on “Ten things I love today!

  1. jenidleman
    August 14, 2010 at 12:49 pm #

    My sister, Dee, gets 50 Jen Points for recognizing the Dalek. 🙂

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