Zero Hour

Happy Monday everyone!

So this was the fastest weekend ever. After a successful meeting on Friday with a client I’ve had hanging out there for a couple of months, I now have another website to do. Yay! Downside… they want it done in no more than three weeks. 0_0

With everything we did this weekend, I didn’t end up getting a lot done on the B&B site that I’m supposed to have prototyped by end of business today – but I did enough to pull it off in plenty of time.  So far, it’s very pretty. I hope they love it.


Sneak peek of the B&B Site!

On Saturday we went to Congo River Mini golf, where we got in for half price, compliments of Groupon… (If you haven’t checked that out yet, you definitely should. We used two of their deals this weekend.) It was around 100°F and very sunny, so the weather was kind of authentic with the safari theme of the place. Afterwards we got slushies, then went to the pool. Then yesterday we went to Honeymoon Island – warm water, sunshine, soft, white sand… I love florida.

Honeymoon Island

I took this pic on one of Edward's flight lessons.

We’re leaving for vacation on Wednesday! Two nights in Savannah, a few days visiting my family in West Virginia, then who knows what on the way home. We always seem to find fun things on our accidental excursions.

Oh, and I figured out what I want to do for my birthday this year! Edward and I love getting photo booth pics – and this family did an entire day of photo booth fun for their little girl. Different dress up stuff at each location. Adorable.

Alright, I gotta get back to work. Hope everyone has an amazing Monday!

Your thoughts?

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